Results, Review, and Grades for November 26th

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Tonight on WWE Raw, Intercontinal Champion Seth Rollins has announced he’ll be holding an open challenge for his title? Which member of the Raw roster will be apt to answer Rollins’ challenge, and will we potentially see a new champion?

That’s right, everyone – before the opening credits even began to roll on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins took it upon himself to issue an open challenge on Twitter for anyone who wanted to try their hand at winning his championship.

He of course acknowledged that he was doing this, at least in part, to take his mind off of everything that’s going on between him and Dean Ambrose. If you need a refresher, last week Seth spent the entire episode chasing Dean around the arena while Dean left him shady clues as to his whereabouts.

Mustafa Ali notably “accepted” Seth’s challenge via Twitter, but the worn-down WWE fan in me still can’t bring myself to believe that something fishy won’t happen with this tonight. Hey, then again, maybe we’ll see a completely deserving opponent put on a wonderful match with Seth Rollins. Only time will tell!

Finn Balor will be in action against Baron Corbin tonight. Corbin, of course, “shattered” Braun Strowman’s elbow along with his cohorts Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, and Braun will be out of action. If there was ever a night for Finn Balor to get a hearty, feel-good. Chicken Soup For The Soul kind win, it’s tonight over Corbin, who’s got all the heat in the world on him now.

Looking more towards the TLC picture, Nia Jax made a sort of statement last week when she came out onto the ramp with Tamina to try and intimidate Ronda Rousey after her match with Mickie James. The two will of course face off at the pay-per-view for Rousey’s Raw Women’s Championship. Will Nia and Tamina be back this week to try to stir the pot again, and if they do, will Ronda be inclined to answer back this time?

All this and more in store for you tonight on WWE Raw, airing live at 8PM/7PM Central on the USA Network. Tune in with us here for live updates, results, reviews, and grades (I swear there will be grades for real this time) of all tonight’s action!

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