Results, Review, and Analysis for November 1st, 2018

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Tonight on Impact Wrestling, Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard goes one on one with Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Championship, Pentagon Jr. faces OG Homicide, and LAX looks to get the better of Matt Sydal and Ethan Page.

Tonight on Impact Wrestling, most importantly, I will try to remain well-fed and well-hydrated in my most fervent attempts to stay up through the whole show.

It will hopefully prove easy to do, since I’ll be very excited for the Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie match for the Knockouts Championship, a rematch from Bound For Glory (a fabulous match which saw Tessa of course retain her Knockouts Championship).

Just liked I’d hoped, though, after that match the two women were still at each other’s throats, and so I’m hoping that this rematch is even bigger and better than the original.

Do I still expect Tessa to retain the Knockouts Championship? Yes, I do. Tessa still has way too much hell to raise on Impact, and she’s entirely too strong of a bad guy to have her momentum broken just yet.

Impact Wrestling

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Impact Tag Team Champions LAX will go up against the new pairing of Matt Sydal and Ethan Page. If you watched last week, you’d know that Sydal and Page pretty much just ran into LAX in a stairway, the two teams had words, and now we have ourselves a match.

That has to be, however, one of my absolute favorite things about Impact – how they just book their matches like that. You could call it random or thoughtless, but it keeps things fresh at all times. How many times have you complained about a feud getting beaten into the ground? Impact never allows that to happen (or rarely does), and I appreciate that.

Impact Wrestling

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Speaking of Impact’s impromptu booking, we’ve also got lined up for tonight a match between Lucha Brother Pentagon Jr. and Homicide of the OGz. The OGz notably attacked Rey Fenix after his Impact World Championship match against Johnny Impact last week.

This one I actually hope will go on for a decent amount of time, because this has all the potential to be a spectacular feud, and I look forward to the day the Lucha Brothers and all The OGz are booked for a tag match.

This is reportedly the main event as well, so that in my eyes pretty much solidifies the fact that inaugural match of this feud is going to be a big one.

All this plus Willie Mack goes one-on-one with his friend Rich Swann, and this historically never works out, so we’ll see. Plus, Desi Hit Squad will be back to sort out whatever it is that’s going on with them right now. Then of course, we all pray for a Scarlett Bordeaux appearance some time tonight as well.

Tune in tonight at 10PM/9PM Central on POP TV for all the action, and keep up with us here tonight for live results, reviews, and analysis!

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