Report: Batista talking to WWE about WrestleMania, listening to AEW

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WWE set up a return match for Batista at SmackDown 1000 last fall. It looked like a great way to set-up the farewell match Dave Bautista always wanted for his character – a match with Triple H – on the Grandest Stage Of Them All at WrestleMania 35.

A hurdle popped up along the way, however when Trips tore his biceps at Crown Jewel. The Game says he’s training again, and that might be why a new report from Pro Wrestling Sheet says Bautista is talks with WWE about an appearance in New Jersey on April 7. But their report claims there’s another hurdle, and it’s one that’s been showing up in WWE’s path a lot lately.

All Elite Wrestling has expressed interest in signing the Guardians of the Galaxy star, and Bautista is listening to what the Khans have to offer. He’d be foolish not to (and not just because The ‘E has a bit of a history of not treating him like an A-Lister), of course. But Sheet’s sources tell them Dave is “50/50 on returning [to WWE] at this point based on how talks have gone”.

As well all know, Batista walks alone. But will the next pit of danger he strides through be a match with the King of Kings, or a slot on the Double Or Nothing card?

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