Ref Marc Goddard responds to critics of UFC Sao Paulo main event

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UFC Fight Night 137 from Sao Paulo, Brazil ended on a pretty intense note. Headliners Thiago Silva and Eryk Anders fought hard until the third round bell sounded, followed by Anders collapsing on the way back to his corner (watch it here). That ended the fight, and afterwards a chill sounding Eryk blamed the loss on cardio. But other fighters felt that maybe it was more the referee’s fault.

Here’s UFC lightweight contender Kevin Lee’s take:

It didn’t take long for ref Goddard to respond to Lee,

You can see the moment Lee is talking about here and make your own determination. Did Goddard restart them in the exact same position? Did Anders immediately slump down into the dangerous position that allowed Santos to elbow him into oblivion?

Goddard also responded to others who felt Anders took illegal blows to the back of the head.

What do you think of Goddard’s calls in the main event of UFC Sao Paulo?

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