Reasons Why Drake Maverick and Lio Rush Became Managers

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Reasons Why Drake Maverick and Lio Rush Became Managers

This will now make some RAW episodes as WWE uses Lio Rush and Drake Maverick as managers in the red show. The first is currently with Bobby Lashley and with regard to Maverick, the general manager of 205 Live now takes care of the AOP team and intends to bring them to the tag team titles.

Today, Mike Johnson of the PWInsider is back on the case of these two men at Monday Night RAW and their new role in the federation. The American journalist said Vince McMahon wanted a young face to accompany Akam and Rezar and his choice would have been Drake Maverick.

In addition, the former NXT tag team champions had more than a need for a spokesperson in the main roster since the departure of Paull Ellering.

As for Lio Rush , the young 23-year-old wrestler drew attention to him thanks to the various promos he posted on social networks. The Cruiserweight was also supported by Paul Heyman to move into the main roster. We remind you that it was Brock Lesnar’s lawyer who made the WWE President change his mind about the managers.

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