Ranking WWE Title Participants by Odds of Winning

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Last night’s episode of SmackDown was filled with a few surprises here and there in an effort to shape WWE’s upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view card. One of the biggest surprises arrived at the very end of the show in an announcement that gave us a glimpse of the pay-per-view’s main event.

Elimination Chamber

Credit: WWE.com

Right after Daniel Bryan revealed his brand new hemp approved version of the WWE Championship belt, several men headed to the ring hoping to stake their claim at a WWE Title shot. Those men – one after another – were AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Mustafa Ali and Samoa Joe all came out trying to challenge the WWE Champion for his title at Elimination Chamber.

Of course, with so many egos trapped within an echo chamber asking for the same thing, they were all bound to have beef with each other for getting in the way of their goal of being Bryan’s next sole challenger. As such, this led to one big brawl between all five men to close out the show. In between the punches, Triple H’s face popped up on the titantron to make a big announcement.

While he did assure Bryan that not a single one of these men will be challenging the champion at Elimination Chamber, Triple H quickly startled The Planet’s Champion after reiterating that ALL of the men in the ring will challenge Bryan for his title inside of the unforgiving steel structure known as the Elimination Chamber.

Daniel Bryan now has five challengers primed and ready to take his title come Feb. 17. Question is: which of these guys really have a chance at winning? We thought long and hard about that question and compiled this slideshow ranking all of the match’s participants from who has the least likely chance at winning to who has the best.

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