Ranking The Top 10 Seth Rollins Matches Of 2018

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WWE Raw Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins earned the nickname “Monday Night Rollins” for his weekly performances on WWE Raw, burning it down for the fans every time he went out there.

With 2018 coming to a close, the WWE Universe has been creating year-end lists and debating who is the best superstar of the year. Becky Lynch has reached the peak of success in the company, creating her own opportunities with tireless social media promotion, brilliant promos, and breathtaking PPV matches, including her main roster “Match of the Year” Last Woman Standing bout at Evolution against Charlotte Flair.

But Seth Rollins has arguably been more consistent than Becky in 2018, and while Lynch has likely been the best wrestler of the year, there’s a reason why the wrestler formerly nicknamed “The Man” has been mentioned alongside Becky as the best wrestler in WWE this year.

No, Rollins’s match quality hasn’t been at the level of (insert wrestler outside WWE) this year, but it’s the consistency that matters here. It is incredibly difficult to put on countless great matches while traveling around the world, and Rollins did so while, usually, getting the crowd fired up like few other superstars could. (We’ll see if his crowd support changes because of a recent tweet that either praised Louis CK or downplayed his horrible, offensive comments disguised as “jokes”…this is not how a WWE Superstar should represent themselves on Twitter.)

It isn’t often that a superstar has 10 singles matches worth praising in a calendar year, but Rollins had a special 2018 inside the ring. So here are his best 10 matches of the year.

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