Ranking The Top 10 NXT matches of 2018

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Johnny Gargano

Photo Source: WWE.com

It was another banner year for WWE’s developmental branch, as NXT produced some of the best storylines and matches in the company. Which ones were the best?

As WWE’s main roster product see-sawed between producing terrible, offensive, tasteless segments and creating — inadvertently or otherwise — compelling matches and characters, NXT has once again lapped them when it came to crafting a stimulating week-to-week television show that built to the still-amazing TakeOver events.

In particular, fans witnessed the rise of Bianca Belair, Tommaso Ciampa’s depravity and manipulation as one of wrestling’s best heels, Aleister Black’s ascent to the top of the card (sort of), Johnny Gargano’s descent into the darkness and subsequent corruption, Shayna Baszler’s virtual domination over most of the women’s division, and the Undisputed Era’s ever-presence all over the show.

We also saw a new championship introduced in a thrilling ladder match, plenty of satisfying title changes, a WarGames match that arguably topped the previous year’s installment, and the general brilliance of the Velveteen Dream.

Of course, all of this was coupled with bell-to-bell excellence courtesy of a roster stacked with some of the most talented workers in the sport.

Picking the best NXT match of 2018 is like arguing whether Patrick Mahomes or Drew Brees should win the NFL’s MVP award this year; there really isn’t a wrong choice. So instead of focusing on just one, let’s spotlight 10 of them.

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