Ranking The 6 Upcoming NXT Call-Ups By Expected 2019 Impact

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Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery, Lars Sullivan, Nikki Cross, and EC3 will join the WWE main roster shortly after their upcoming call-ups were announced on tonight’s action-packed episode of Raw. Let’s take a moment to rank these five acts by their expected 2019 impact.

NXT’s roster is easily the most loaded it’s ever been, especially with big stars like Mia Yim and Keith Lee recently joining WWE‘s third brand. As a result, call-ups to the main roster after Survivor Series were inevitable, and after Lars Sullivan’s vignette were first played at the final Big 5 PPV of the year, five more men and women were announced as upcoming call-ups.

Last night’s episode of WWE Raw was all about “shaking things up”, with Vince McMahon appearing on-screen along with Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Triple H. The first big “shake up” announced was the call-ups of Lacey Evans, Lars Sullivan, EC3, Heavy Machinery, and Nikki Cross from NXT.

It’s unclear where these six men and women will end up on the main roster, but since the WWE announce team has hyped up how Stephanie and Shane have been bidding for Lars’s services, perhaps that will be the angle here when it comes to deciding which brand these six superstars end up on.

All six of these wrestlers are talented, so there’s nothing inherently wrong with being ranked last on this list. Either Raw or SmackDown would benefit from snagging any of these superstars, with EC3 and Cross being huge fan favorites.

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