Ranking potential Elimination Chamber winners (and more)

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It’s the Friday before a pay-per-view and there are simultaneously too many things I want to write about and a lack of things I want to write about.

Let’s fill today with some quick hits.

A ranking of potential Elimination Chamber winners:

  1. Kofi Kingston – I mean, why not? We’re all riding a Kofi high after Smackdown Live and wouldn’t it be fun to give him a short run with the belt until Daniel Bryan takes it back at Fastlane and we get back to our regularly scheduled program? This won’t happen, of course, but what if?
  2. Daniel Bryan – If we can’t have the dream, let’s stick to the best. Bryan’s current story is really just getting going and the hemp belt alone makes it necessary for him to remain champion. For the planet!
  3. Samoa Joe – We’ll likely never get a Samoa Joe world title run, but his main roster run has been so much better than I thought it would be. He has always been great, but he’s also not physically able to do things at the same level he once could. The adjustments he has made have been amazing though and he’s just as much of a monster on the mic as he is in the ring. I’d probably get emotional over a Joe or Kofi win.
  4. A.J. Styles – I don’t know there’s anything interesting left for Styles as champ right now. Maybe after a little bit of the ol’ Superstar Shakeup there’ll be fresh options for him.
  5. Jeff Hardy – Not particularly interesting, but at least it wouldn’t be …
  6. Randy Orton – He sure is…….the RKO is cool.

Weird things

This woman…

…has gone on to become the closest thing to a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin WWE has found since Austin graced the ring.

Meanwhile, these guys:

Are now these guys:

And they manage to make every feud, no matter how brief, feel heated.

Even now that they’re taking on Miz and that weird dad who is always trying to show off his basketball skills (and mostly throwing up bricks) on the playground while waiting for his kid to get out of school.

The Undertaker is AEW bound!

Just kidding.

That dude is making a ton of money to appear at a wrestling convention. And I seriously doubt Vince McMahon gives the remotest bit of care.

I’m mostly interested in seeing how AEW does after things settle into being routine. For the second time (let’s just consider All In to have been an AEW show in retrospect) they’re putting on a major event with a massive convention attached.

That’s the kind of attraction that sells out in four minutes and brings in fans from all over the country (and world). But what happens when events become monthly or even more frequent? How much pull will they have at that point?

Seeing how AEW navigates becoming a regular part of the landscape rather than a special event is probably the most interesting aspect of the new promotion.

Happy Friday, y’all.

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