R-Truth crashed Drake Maverick’s wedding to win the 24/7 Title

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The WWE 24/7 Championship has now been defended at an actual wedding. If that doesn’t prove how great this title is, I don’t know what will.

If anyone ever questions whether or not the WWE 24/7 Championship is entertaining or worth the time, just show them this video:

There’s a lot going on here, so let’s just try to break it down slowly.

Drake Maverick’s newly won 24/7 Championship has been a fixture all week at his wedding. It’s been all over social media, appearing in a variety of hilarious pictures with numerous wrestling personalities.

Yes, that does mean this was Drake Maverick’s actual wedding then. This wasn’t a WWE-style one inside of a ring. This was a very real wedding celebration that an actual WWE title was defended at.

While it’s probably safe to all of this was done a bit after the official ceremony, R-Truth really did pin Drake Maverick on the train of his wife Renee’s wedding dress. A fact which amusingly likely wasn’t lost on her either.

After the impromptu match, which also saw a cameo from EC3’s increasingly entertaining new gimmick and R-Truth wearing a suit and tie without a shirt on, the new 24/7 Champion proceeded to make his own rounds on social media with the belt.

All the while, we’re lead to believe Maverick was still chasing Truth down, back trying to recapture the 24/7 Championship on his wedding day.

R-Truth is simply great at what he does. Drake Maverick is great too. Heck, WWE is amazing for even coming up with something like this.

That entire scene, and everything that surrounded it, just proves how amazing the 24/7 Championship is. The utter craziness of everything surrounding the title clearly makes it the most entertaining part of WWE today.

I mean seriously, how many wrestling storylines not only have a real wedding involved, but feature a rival superstar crashing it along with a WWE referee to win a championship?

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I guess all I really have to say is congratulations to Maverick and his wife on their big day. Congratulations to R-Truth on capturing the 24/7 Championship again, and finally congratulations to WWE for making the most hysterical wrestling moment of 2019.

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