Predicting The Men’s Final Four

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WWE Mustafa Ali

From Seth Rollins to Drew McIntyre, there are no shortage of options to win the Men’s WWE Royal Rumble match on Sunday, so let’s take some time to predict who the final four men standing could be.

On the most recent episode of Raw, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre had quite the back-and-forth as a preview to the WWE Royal Rumble. Once again, McIntyre came up short against an opponent other than Dolph Ziggler, as he was left with his arm slung over the bottom rope, seething in anger as a triumphant Rollins celebrated up the ramp.

McIntyre vs. Rollins is a storyline to watch on Sunday, because even though both men are spent following yet another grueling match between the two of them on Monday night, they are two superstars who can never be counted out.

Sunday’s Royal Rumble has also become more intriguing with the announcement of John Cena’s (kayfabe) injury, suffered at the hands of McIntyre during last week’s memorable Fatal Four-Way match. McIntyre and Cena seem destined to clash on a big stage after weeks of confrontations on the mic, and Cena’s absence certainly opens the field.

Elsewhere, a few surprise NXT entrants, such as the incomparable Velveteen Dream, could make a big splash in this year’s Rumble, perhaps even moreso than last year’s entrants Andrade and Adam Cole.

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