Please let this be the one time John Cena isn’t just ****posting

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Considering he’s more or less told us that he just uses his Instagram to f*** with us (as opposed to his Twitter account, where he motivates us), trying to read anything into these posts is probably a waste of time. Interpreting them as a sign of WWE’s plans for WrestleMania 35 is downright foolish.

But I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway, because content doesn’t just create itself. And because I really, really hope Baron Corbin isn’t actually going to be Kurt Angle’s farewell opponent at MetLife Stadium on April 7.

Now, I want to be clear. I am not saying you should, and am in fact recommending against getting your hopes up that a man who every Friday posts a punny Stone Cold Steve Austin meme and spends his Mondays Photoshopping Big E’s head onto Biggie Smalls’ body is using social media to tell us he’ll either replace or follow Corbin as Angle’s opponent next Sunday.

But if you’re looking for any tiny, illogical reason to believe… there you go.

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