Pete Dunne wrestled at NXT TakeOver with broken bone in his foot

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In the WarGames match at NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2, Pete Dunne competed alongside Ricochet and War Raiders against the Undisputed Era, and he did so while suffering from a broken bone in his foot.

Pete Dunne is the longest-reigning champion in WWE as the promotion’s United Kingdom Champion, and in the past few months, he’s defended the title in barn-burners against Noam Dar and Danny Burch on the new NXT UK brand.

On Saturday, Nov. 17, Dunne fought in the main event of NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2, teaming up with Ricochet and Hanson and Rowe of the War Raiders, as the babyface quartet defeated the Undisputed Era in a minor upset.

According to‘s Sean Ross Sapp, Triple H informed reporters at the post-TakeOver media conference that Dunne wrestled through the show with a broken bone in his foot.

Coming into TakeOver, WWE fans had heard that Dunne suffered an unspecified foot damage, with some speculating that he was dealing with ligament damage. Those reports circulated in early October, and we hadn’t received any updates regarding Dunne’s status since Triple H added more information about the injury last night.

During the match, Dunne’s entrance as the final participant in the WarGames match was delayed by the diabolical Bobby Fish, who used the lock from the Undisputed Era’s cage to prevent Dunne from exiting his cage. Dunne would eventually make it into the match after officials, who could not get through the second lock with their own keys, used bolt-cutters.

Despite this additional advantage afforded to the Undisputed Era, who also won the “man advantage” on NXT’s go-home show when Kyle O’Reilly defeated Hanson, the babyfaces still prevailed. Dunne and Ricochet both pinned Adam Cole to win WarGames for their team.

Dunne had a phenomenal performance in this brutal match, and “The Bruiserweight” certainly sets a high standard whenever he steps into the ring, no matter the stipulation or opponent(s). The staredown of respect between Dunne and Ricochet, who used to battle as opponents before forming this awesome alliance, was a huge moment, and perhaps there will be fallout from this.

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Until then, it’s important to think about how tough pro wrestlers are and how NXT was able to manage Dunne’s injury. A broken bone in the foot must be painful, and Dunne’s ability to excel in these matches and UK Championship defenses is difficult to put into words. He put on a show at WarGames, like he always does, and even a broken bone couldn’t stop him.

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