Pants-wearing Pat McAfee steals the show at NFL Draft with a heel promo

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Part-time WWE announcer/personality Pat McAfee combined his three loves – pro football, pro wrestling, and running his mouth – when his former NFL team gave him the microphone to announce the team’s third round pick at the 2019 Draft.

Important context for folks who don’t follow gridiron drama: McAfee played for the Indianapolis Colts, a division rival of the Tennessee Titans. This year’s draft was held in Nashville, home of the Titans.

The rest you can figure out.

Of note to those who remember McAfee’s part in WWE’s weekend of backstage chaos while in New York/New Jersey for WrestleMania 35… the former All-Pro punter and Barstool Sports’ employee is not wearing jorts. Or shorts, of the formal or casual variety.

I guess the NFL’s dress code is a little more specific.

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