PAC (Neville) reveals why he left WWE and hates company

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PAC, known as Neville at WWE, recently hosted a Q&A on Instagram. He talked about why he left WWE, what he thinks of Vince McMahon, Enzo Amore, and whether or not he hates WWE:

If he would ever go to the NJPW:

“I’d love to destroy their roster there, but I’m focusing on the Dragon Gate.”

If he’s interested in another American company:


How is Vince McMahon?

“He is a powerful man, he does not speak much but he sued me 4 times in a row anyway.”

What would he do if he would meet Enzo Amore in the street:

“Black Arrow. Completed.”

How long would Enzo last in a real fight:

“I did not really leave because of Enzo, I do not hate him. He’s just annoying behind the scenes and making him win the belt was a bad idea, especially against me. ”

His best match at NXT:

“Me against Sami Zayn for the NXT title.”

If he hates WWE:

“No, they gave me an opportunity to shine and indeed I shone. The guys over there are great, but they did not have any good ideas for me, so I left. ”

What does CM Punk represent for him:

“Never met the guy.”

If he thinks he can beat Brock Lesnar:

“Yes, if he really wants his lazy ass”

Why he left WWE:

“I did not agree with the bookings.”

What he thinks of Austin Aries and their rivalry:

“He and I broke the house in Wrestlemania and they [WWE] were not even fucking put on the show poster or DVD.”

Speaking of Pac, it was announced this week that for the first time, it will face a top star of the independent scene! Indeed, he will face Zack Saber Jr during the RevPro Wrestling show on January 6, 2019 in London, England. All the details about the tickets in this tweet from the company:


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