Orton vs. Mysterio Booked for TLC

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Last week’s installment of WWE SmackDown Live left very little questions answered looking forwards TLC next month. Will AJ Styles be back this week to address Daniel Bryan before his rematch? How will Rey Mysterio get back at Randy Orton after Orton ripped his mask off last week?

Now that we’ve gotten over most of the “Wow, we did absolutely terrible at Survivor Series stuff”, WWE SmackDown Live is officially on the road to TLC next month. As of right now, the only match SmackDown as set for TLC is the rematch between AJ Styles and the man who took his WWE Championship two weeks ago, Daniel Bryan.

Even though there were still a lot of other questions left unanswered last week, SmackDown hasn’t exactly been subtle about what their portion of the TLC card is going to look like; however, and there’s plenty of tensions already brewing. So, what do we think will happen this week on SmackDown looking forward to TLC?

WWE SmackDown Live

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Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio will be booked for TLC

Rey Mysterio was bound to have a long list of performers who would be apt and ready to face him after he returned to the SmackDown roster at SmackDown 1000. Enter, of course, eternal heel Randy Orton, who last week completely disrespected Mysterio when he pulled off Mysterio’s mask and paraded it around ringside.

If there’s only one thing you’re supposed to know about Luchadors, it’s that you never, ever mess with their masks. I’m sure Mysterio is going to be fired up this week, and we should expect him to be ready for a fight.

I would book Mysterio to attack Orton this week either backstage during a promo or after whatever match Orton has this week. Tension will become so obviously high that it will force SmackDown General Manager Paige to have these two fight it out in the biggest way possible – by giving them a (stipulation tbd) match at TLC.

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