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Omolpata from the Leg Weave Pass with Tom DeBlass


If you use the knee shield, you’ve no doubt run into the leg weave pass…

It’s an incredibly common technique to deal with the knee shield, and done properly its more than effective. Usually the top player will weave their hand behind the knee shield and over the bottom leg.

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This creates some constriction of the legs and allows the guard passer to begin to tripod and circle around the legs to pass the guard. Knowing the mechanics of the leg weave pass and anticipating the path the top player must take to complete it can set us up for some good counters. Take this one for instance from Tom DeBlass. He shows us a tricky way to get to an omoplata by anticipating the movements of the top player, and using it against him. Check it out!

DeBlass begins in the bottom half guard with the knee shield. As his partner weaves his arm through the legs, DeBlass secures his sleeve in the style of an arm lasso.

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When his partner tripods and begins to circle around DeBlass’s legs, DeBlass matches his movement by getting up on to his shoulder and knee, and continues to spin through. If he feels too much pressure here, he can simply choose to recompose his half guard and start over, or hunt for the reversal. But if his partner continues to circle DeBlass is able to continue his roll right into an omoplata.

This is a great answer to a very common pass. Any time we can turn an opponent’s offensive efforts into an opportunity to attack for ourselves we must do so, and this is a great method to do just that!

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