Olympian Henry Cejudo Knocks Out TJ Dillashaw in 30 Seconds

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Photo credit: @ufc, Twitter

Brian Ortega said it best:

TJ Dillashaw may have spent more seconds primal screaming with Bruce Buffer pre-fight then he did fighting Henry Cejudo during the pair’s title match on January 19. The reigning flyweight champion managed to down Dillashaw in 32 seconds with a righteously placed head kick that ended the fight so fast @UFC hasn’t even posted the clip yet, just the aftermath.

The finish is the 5th fastest in the UFC, and the fastest finish in flyweight history.

“I’ve busted my butt my whole life. I was able to beat one of the greatest of all time. It’s surreal,” Cejudo said during the post-fight interview. “I knew he was hurt. I caught him with that head kick and felt him wobble. The rest was history.” He also proposed a rematch, but at Dillashaw’s preferred 135lbs.

Dillashaw, who cut below bantamweight for the fight, contested the stoppage both in the ring and after the event.

Cejudo previously felled longtime flyweight hero Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson at UFC 217. He was previously an Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling.

So between Cejudo and “JoeJitsu,” should flyweight stay or go?

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