Nobody tell R-Truth he’s probably not really hosting WrestleMania

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Considering this is a man (a wonderful, wonderful man) who interacted with an imaginary child fan for years, once said “What’s up” to Green Bay from Milwaukee, overcame his fear of ladders for a Money in the Bank match he wasn’t in, then tried to win the Royal Rumble the following year by climbing a ladder in the middle of the ring to retrieve something that wasn’t hanging above it… we’re gonna take this news update from R-Truth about WrestleMania 35 with several grains of salt.

And it looks like Carmella, not far removed from her all expenses paid trip to Stamford with the former U.S. champ, knows to do the same:

But even though we’re a little concerned about the length of the show on April 7 from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, if they want to have Truth and Mella crash Moments of Bliss at ‘Mania, we’re down.

Our main question is, though, if we’re right and that paper (or the baby wipes) doesn’t really mean Truth is hosting – will it be his bad, or a conspiracy?

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