No Hugs Left to Give

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SmackDown Live Women’s Championship
Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

Last month Bayley not only won the women’s Money in the Bank briefcase, but she cashed it in on the newly crowned nine time women’s champion, Charlotte Flair, to begin her second title reign on main roster WWE. It was a wild, exciting night for Bayley, but she left MITB with a giant target painted on her back.

Charlotte Flair was an early contender for #1 contender (naturally, as she just lost the title and, well, she’s Charlotte Flair), but the SmackDown Live women’s roster had a few things to say about that! In a three-way, no disqualification #1 contender match-up, Alexa Bliss – recently cleared to wrestle again after suffering some scary concussion related injuries – used her cunning to DDT a distracted Carmella for the 1-2-3. Securing her spot at Stomping Grounds against the huggable champ.

I have to admit, at first I had my doubts when Alexa was announced as Bayley’s first title defense because the last time these two faced off it was, well, an absolute garbage fire mess that included maybe one of the worst segments in all of WWE history. And, BOY, is that saying something. Not only were the segments terrible, but the actual match was underwhelming and was extremely detrimental to Bayley’s career.

This time around, however, it feels different. Bayley has a harder edge to her. She’s been pushed aside for too long and while she is still a babyface she has no more hugs left to give! Alexa is beautifully toeing the line between the cunning monster heel we know she is and surprisingly funny and thoughtful mentor to Nikki Cross. Now, we all know that Alexa is up to no good, but I can’t help falling for her tricks! Her chemistry with Nikki Cross is great, and frankly it’s just nice to see Nikki on TV each week.

With very little time to build an effective feud these three have done an excellent job. It all culminated in a special Moment of Bliss on the SmackDown Live go-home show where Bayley called Alexa out for being phony and Alexa said that Bayley “Peaked in NXT!”

In one segment, this just became the hottest, most interesting feud on the whole PPV!

For a show that is about as hamfisted as anything on TV there is a lot of nuance happening in this story-line. Sometimes I genuinely can’t tell who is the babyface and who is the heel. Instinctively, we know that Bayley is the babyface and Alexa the heel, but there is enough going on in this story-line that sometimes those lines are blurred and it’s fantastic. Plus, the added element of wild, but subdued Nikki Cross on the outside of the feud makes it all the more exciting.

This feud truly is a moment of bliss in the terrible mess that is current roster WWE.

Bayley defends her SmackDown Live Women’s Championship tonight at WWE Stomping Grounds on the WWE Network, starting at 7 ET. And keep it here to for all your Stomping Grounds coverage.


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