NJPW interested in expanding its television coverage in Europe

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New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) continues with its plans for international expansion. During the last months, the Japanese company has managed to reinforce new television agreements with AXS TV in the United States, in addition to reaching new markets such as Canada, India or South Korea, however, the focus of the company would now be focused on Europe.

According to Dave Meltzer in the last edition of the Wrestling Observer, NJPW are interested in the long term to expand in Europe. As a first step, the goal of New Japan is to get several television agreements to start broadcasting in the main European countries.

A couple of months ago we reported that New Japan had expanded its coverage in Europe, leaving it to be broadcast in France and later in Italy, the United Kingdom and Belgium. Alain Mistrangélo, the NJPW commentator on the French channel J-One, revealed that NJPW had reached 6-month agreements in these countries, with the possibility of extending to a year if all went well.

Therefore, there is an interest of NJPW in reaching new European countries, approaching those places where content related to Japan is most consumed, as it happens in France, where it is broadcast two hours a week in a channel focused on Japanese culture. The versions that are being broadcast internationally (as in South Korea, in India or in Canada through The Fight Network ) are the summaries of AXS TV, with dubbing and subtitles in their respective languages.

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