Nikki Bella Does Not Talk to John Cena Anymore

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Nikki Bella Does Not Talk to John Cena Anymore

Will this story end one day? We can ask ourselves the question… John Cena and Nikki Bella broke up this year as a beautiful wedding was looming on the horizon. For the purposes of the reality TV program Total Bellas, many elements have been staged but the break seems very real. What is certain is that Brie’s sister wanted to support the fact that her relationship with the 16-time WWE Champion is well over.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the former diva champion said she no longer talks to John Cena. The latter is in China for the filming of a film and the wrestler continues his life on television. Nikki thinks she is finally discovering herself after all these years and she did not fail to mention the new season of Total Divas and the fourth season of Total Bellas.

Still, Nikki Bella has claimed that she and John Cena are still friends at the moment. It is still difficult to unravel the truth of the wrong but Dave Meltzer said some time ago that a break has occurred. Many elements will still have been embellished for the needs of Total Bellas. The two superstars will inevitably meet at the Super Show-Down on October 6th in Australia. We will see what happens.

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