Nikki Bella can’t wait for rivals’ promos stop being about her sex life

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By my watch, it was something like six or seven internet anger cycles ago. So the push back against Ronda Rousey’s line insinuating Nikki Bella was more gold digger than trailblazer from the Oct. 15 Raw almost feels like it happend last year.

But it’s not even been two weeks, and it’s definitely still key to the build for their Raw Women’s title match this Sunday (Oct. 28) at Evolution. And it’s still on Nikki’s mind, as it was the focus of a New York Post piece on her and the feud with Rousey from a couple days ago.

Reflecting on Rousey telling Bella the only door she’s ever knocked down was the one “to John Cena’s bedroom,” Nikki said:

“I’ve grown thick-skinned to it. I just can’t wait for the day it can stop and not every promo towards me brings up my ex and I think it will [stop]. I think there will come a day for that, but maybe there won’t, but I do hope so.”

The Fearless One, like many fans, is tired of women’s stories in WWE being about the men they’re currently or were previously in relationships with:

“I think we are taking some old ways and bringing it into [Evolution]. I definitely hope it changes, and I think it will because I think the women are better than that. I think we can tell empowering stories that have nothing to do with men or how men define us because that’s the point of Evolution. We define ourselves as women. We want the equality. We don’t want to be defined by our men or our relationships because almost every woman is in a relationship with another wrestler in our industry.”

Lillian Garcia is interviewed in the Post piece saying what a lot of fans who defended Rousey’s promo did – that “what more bigger button can you push on a woman than to say the only reason you got ahead was because of a guy? That’s a huge button to push, and I think that’s just trying to get in her head…”

Nikki, who’s been the subject of this kind of taunt dating back to 2014 when AJ Lee hit her with, “talent is not sexually transmitted,” says she understands that personal issues like that make for better wrestling stories. But she still hopes everyone involved in the business can grow beyond that:

“I think for me, this is the part where not only do men need to evolve, but [also] women that just because a woman is successful doesn’t mean it’s because of her man. I think it’s unfair.”

Check out the entire article from The New York Post here.

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