Next 2 months will be the most interesting of Dean Ambrose’s WWE career

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Maybe it’s because “Moment of Bliss” has been a wet fart of a segment since its inception, but Dean Ambrose’s run-in on Alexa Bliss’ interview of EC3 last night (sexy as it was) had me laughing out loud.

The “mute Chippendale dancer”, “Creed fan”, and especially “where are EC1 and 2?” jabs at EC3 were great, and the deadpan delivery of “you’re not the first woman to have a problem figuring out how to deal with my raw sexual magnetism” to Nia Jax was pretty fantastic, too.

Was it because I wanted anyone to come in and break up a bad segment? The shock of seeing Ambrose a week after WWE took the unusual step of announcing he was leaving the company in April? A carefree version of Dean “unleashed” by that decision and announcement?

Once we hadn’t seen Ambrose by 10:00 PM eastern, I figured the company had decided to limit him to dark matches and house shows for the remainder of his current deal. So hearing his music definitely shook me from the haze WWE usually puts me in by hour three every Monday night. But his delivery and material was also better than it’s been at any point since his comeback, and maybe before. This wasn’t wacky Dean, doing prop comedy with hot dog carts or in doctor’s offices. This lunatic was funny, and charming. There was something like a “raw sexual magnetism” for the first time in ages. Renee Young wasn’t the only one saying, “oh.”

I guess it doesn’t matter why that was the case. It’ll be fun seeing if he can keep it up as we count down to his exit. And even if doesn’t, that’ll be worth watching, too. We haven’t seen someone play out the string like this in the prime of their career, certainly not a Grand Slam champ like Dean, or with all involved acknowledging that’s likely what’s happening.

No matter what happens from now until April, Dean Ambrose: WWE Superstar is interesting.

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