Neville Sends a Message to the Independent Promoters

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Neville Sends a Message to the Independent Promoters

A few weeks back, it was announced that Neville was no longer under contract with the Stamford Federation. The WWE officials have finally decided to end their deal with the former Cruiserweight champion who has been demanding his “release” for almost a whole year. Dave Meltzer had indicated that the British could now take any bookings he wanted outside the WWE.

It’s been a week now that this information has fallen but Neville still has no scheduled match on the independent circuit. The Wrestling Observer recently reported that the principal concerned sent a message to the various promoters telling them “that he could not accept any date, but that it would happen very soon.”

It would seem that the wrestler is confronted with some details before leaving the company for good unless he’s signed an NXT UK contract to be able to perform on the independent stage in addition to wrestling in the WWE.

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