Mustafa Ali returned at a WWE house show in Minneapolis

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The timing of Mustafa Ali’s injury a few weeks ago couldn’t have been worse, as reports indicated he was in line for a push that would lead to a WWE championship match at
Fastlane after wrestling in a title match at Elimination Chamber. He was replaced by Kofi Kingston, who got over huge as the babyface underdog veteran trying to win his first world title and now it appears Kingston could be headed for the title match at WrestleMania 35.

It’s hard not to wonder what may have been for Ali, who had been doing a fantastic job in that spot before he got hurt.

Now, we can simply wonder what’s next. To that end, he made his return at a house show in Minneapolis last night, wrestling the champ:

This just days after he tweeted “put me back in, coach.”

We’ll leave it to you to guess what his creative direction will look like going forward.

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