Mox gets hardcore beating Janela & furthering Omega feud at Fyter Fest

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One thing AEW accomplished with Fyter Fest, their free streaming show from the CEO gaming tournament in Daytona Beach, Florida, was that theirs is not a PG show.

If Shawn Spears tearing a gash in the back of Cody Rhodes head with a chair shot didn’t make the point, Jon Moxley taking a bow while the fans chanted “You Sick F***” after he stomped a chair wrapped in barbed wire into Joey Janella’s chest drove it home.

Things started with the admittedly silly step of dimming the lights and having Justin Roberts announce that the show was over, because All Elite Wrestling refused to sanction the final fight of the night. There was still pyro, an official, and Jim Ross, Excalibur & Alex “Goldenboy” Melendez were still calling the action. Even halfway paying attention to detail popped me, but the execution of the stipulation got a mixed reaction on social media.

The match itself? It pretty universally got a “Holy $#!+” reaction.

After only starting with things like slamming each other onto steel chairs, barbed wire was a near constant. Mox was hurricanrana-ed onto a chair wrapped in barbed wire, then thrown through a board of it in the corner of the ring (another weapon he introduced to the proceedings).

The former Dean Ambrose also went through a table on the floor, courtesy of Janela dive off a ladder in the ring.

Joey was driven through a different barbed wire covered board that he’d draped from the ring to the barricade.

Then Mox got the thumbtacks. And took off Janela’s shoes. Joey went into the tacks a couple times, and the bottoms of his feet were littered with them.

Moxley hit his Paradigm Shift finisher (the renamed Dirty Deeds) into the tacks, which meant covering his own back and ass with them in order to hit the move, and got the pin.

But we weren’t done yet!

Kenny Omega, who along with The Young Bucks had won the last official bout of the night over Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid, ran in to get revenge against his All Out opponent. Mox debuted by attacking Kenny and throwing him off the stack of poker chips next to the stage at last month’s Double or Nothing show in Las Vegas. Omega returned the favor by blasting a weary Moxley with a running knee on the ramp…

…then double stomping him after placing him between some broken tables. They brawled to the musical stage (a remnant of the show’s roots as a Frye Festival parody), and Omega lit Moxley up with a variety of musical instruments.

Officials tried to escort a smirking Death Rider to the back, but he threw them off the ramp. That opened him up for one more attack from The Cleaner, who used Mox’s own finisher against him, hitting it onto a garbage can.

The closing image of the show was Moxley’s bloody face, laughing.

So, yeah, not PG. But exactly what Mox has been wanting to do for years.

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