MLW Roundup: LA Park vs Mance Warner death match, NYC updates, more!

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Let’s catch up on the week’s news in MLW. Tonight’s episode of MLW Fusion will feature a skeleton man against a lite beer connoisseur, more additions to the upcoming NYC shows, and two new shirt designs in the merch department.

Death match tonight!!!

Whoa, Nellie. We’ll have our hands full tonight on MLW Fusion with a death match between LA Park and Mance Warner. Those are two tough hombres that will put it all on the line for our entertainment. The feud began with an innocent mistake of an exuberant Warner accidentally spilling lite beer on Salina de la Renta. Hijo de LA Park had a couple of unsuccessful encounters with the Southern Psycho. It will be big papa’s turn tonight to dance with ole Mancer. Grab some lite beer and a steel chair to get ready for this slobber-knocker.

Brian Pillman Jr. will square off against the Dynasty’s new big man, Alexander Hammerstone. Hammerstone wrecked the Hart Foundation at the conclusion of last week’s tag team title bout. Pillman will be looking to put that peckerhead in his place.

Also on the agenda will be Myron Reed vs Gringo Loco, an update from Tom Lawlor, and the Contra Unit clueing us in on their manifesto. That is shaping up to be one riveting hour of television.

Who are you picking to win the death match? Who will you be rooting for? Do you have any theories about the Contra Unit’s purpose?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Sundays at noon ET.

Rise of the Renegades and Battle Riot II updates

Rise of the Renegades and Battle Riot II are scheduled for April 4 and April 5 in New York City during Wrestlemania week. Even more matches and participants in the 40 man rumble have been announced.

If you thought the card for Rise of the Renegades couldn’t get more stacked with Tom Lawlor vs Jimmy Havoc in a street fight for the heavyweight championship, LA Park vs Pentagon, MJF vs Brian Pillman Jr., Mance Warner vs Sami Callihan, Minoru Tanaka vs Daga, and Gringo Loco vs Hijo de LA Park, then be prepared to jump for joy. But not off a table. Leave that to the Hart Foundation and the Dynasty in a six man tables match.

Last week, Alexander Hammerstone joined the Dynasty to even the odds against the Hart Foundation. In a post-show promo, he explained how he is the missing puzzle piece. Warning: MJF’s yelling may disturb your ears if you watch it with headphones. Quiet down, chump.

Another interesting bout to the lineup will be Ace Romero against Josef Samael. It is being advertised as a grudge match from when Samael jabbed a railroad spike into Acey Baby’s head.

Two more matches announced pit young up and comers against established lucha libre veterans; Ace Austin vs Rey Horus and Air Wolf vs Fenix. Both bouts should no doubt be entertaining, however, the bigger takeaway is giving Austin and Air Wolf a chance against stars for an opportunity to have the best matches of their careers to date. From a story aspect, will there be an upset? A win by either Austin or Air Wolf should set them up as number one contender to Teddy Hart’s middleweight championship.

I’ve been curious about Air Wolf, and he must have wowed MLW officials in Chicago. So much so that they signed him to a deal. The king of canines has been trained by Ken Anderson, Shawn Daivari, Ariya Daivari, and Molly Holly. I’m eager to see his debut. Assuming it doesn’t get left on the cutting room floor, we should get a glimpse next week.

The participant list for Battle Riot II has grown by eight. LA Park, Hijo de LA Park, Mance Warner, Sami Callihan, Barrington Hughes, Gringo Loco, Daga, and Rey Horus will join Low Ki , Pentagon, Minoru Tanaka, Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr., MJF, Ace Romero, Alexander Hammerstone, Ace Austin, Brian Pillman Jr., Fenix, and Ken Kerbis. That is twenty down and twenty more to go to fill the forty spots.

Battle Riot II is guaranteed to have surprises. I’ll be crossing my fingers for Hijo del Fantasma (aka King Cuerno). The lucha libre superstar has recently parted ways with AAA to become independent. His appearance would make me so excited that I would knock over my table by accident.

How would you react to Hijo Del Fantasma in MLW? Who would you like to see as surprise entrants in Battle Riot II?

New shirts in the merch store

MLW has increased their offering of fine threads with two new shirts.

The Contra Unit has their logo presented for mass consumption. It will be interesting to see if that shirt pops up at the NYC tapings. Wrestling fans always surprise me, but I have a hard time believing they will back this motley crew. Contra is cool in a chaotic entertainment sense, but they are true heels through and through.

Another new shirt is for LA Park.

That design will be available exclusively at the MLW’s NYC events. Now that is a cool shirt for a cool heel. I like the touch of chairs as eyes to represent the Chairman.

What do you think of the new merchandise? Would those shirts find a home in your closet?

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