MLW Fusion Results, Highlights, and Grades: CONTRA’s Chaos In Chicago

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The Dynasty have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on The Hart Foundation for the World Tag Team Titles and tonight, MJF and Richard Holliday finally have their chance. Plus, the in-ring debut of CONTRA Unit’s Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael from Intimidation Games in Chicago!

The groundwork was laid last week for a Death Match between Mance Warner and Salina de la Renta’s most dangerous charge, LA Park. This week, Hijo de LA Park takes on Puma King with Ol Mancer on commentary.

Hijo de LA Park vs Puma King

The two luchadores started things off with a fairly by-the-numbers match trading moves and pin attempts but coming to a stand-still. Salina de la Renta caused a momentary distraction when grabbing the foot of Puma allowing Hijo de LA Park to take the advantage.

Hijo de LA Park gave us a preview of what his father plans to do to Mance Warner next week by breaking out a pair of chairs to use on Puma King. Following the directive of Bob Barker, Hijo de LA Park attempted to neuter the feline by hammering a steel chair into his groin with a second chair.

Fighting back from underneath, Puma King grabbed a couple of chairs of his own from ringside fans before repeating the same chair shot on Hijo de LA Park. This begs the question – is a low blow as effective on a wrestling skeleton as it is on a wrestling cat?

With Puma down late in the match, Hijo de LA Park turned his attention to Ol Mancer on commentary. The second generation Promociones Dorado luchador spit on Mance leading to Mance reciprocating before clubbing him across the back with Jim Cornette’s beIN-branded tennis racket.

Ol Mancer rolled Hijo de LA Park back into the ring leading to him catching a Codebreaker before getting rolled up in a La Magistral Cradle for the victory.

How was it? The match itself wasn’t anything to remember. I’ve still yet to see a Puma King match in MLW that I’ve fully enjoyed, and I think Hijo de LA Park may be best reserved for tag team matches. He’s shined best in those situations and has struggled in singles competition.

Mance did an excellent job selling the Death Match with LA Park next week. While neither of the men in this bout will be involved in next week’s war, this served as a mini-preview of what’s to come. As a way to build to Mance/LA Park next week, this absolutely served its purpose.

Impressions, Preparation, and Recovery

The Dynasty, MJF and Richard Holliday, presented backstage comments mocking The Hart Foundation ahead of their World Tag Team Title in tonight’s main event. MJF delivered a Teddy Hart impression with Holliday as the “dead-eyed” Davey Boy Smith Jr acting as muscle over his shoulder.

Before too long, h2TV cut the promo short. Brian Pillman Jr was training in a swimming pool with DBS coaching him from poolside. Pillman worked on his chopping game, splashing the water to the delight of Davey Boy. Smith, turning toward the serious side, confirmed that he and Teddy would face MJF and Holliday tonight before promising to hurt The Dynasty.

Catching up with World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor, we got confirmation that the call from “Dr. Sweglar” last week was, in fact, phony. I knew it all along! There was no news on who was responsible for the call, but my gut is telling me CONTRA Unit is behind the farce, though future challenger Jimmy Havoc could also be pulling some strings.

Lawlor stated that he didn’t care what the doctors had to say and all he wanted to do was fight CONTRA Unit for what they had done to him. They tried to end him last week in the aftermath of the steel cage match, but he’ll be coming back stronger than ever to destroy the trio.

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