MLW Fusion Results, Highlights, and Grades: CONTRA Unit Spike Romero

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The second batch of matches from MLW’s Intimidation Games in Chicago are here! Last week saw Tom Lawlor successfully debut the World Heavyweight Title against Low Ki in a steel cage and the debuts of Laredo Kid and Taurus. Tonight features three singles matches and a follow-up on Lawlor’s condition.

The main event of this week’s Fusion is several weeks in the making. As part of the Prize Fight Challenge, Simon Gotch offered $20,000 to any man who would beat him. Ace Romero accepted that challenge and became the first man to come out on top in the series. Tonight, Gotch seeks revenge against Acey Baby.

Alexander Hammerstone is in action against a staple of the midwest indie scene Isaias Velazquez, plus in the opening DJZ takes on Ace Austin in a Battle Riot Qualifying Match!

Battle Riot Qualifier: DJZ vs Ace Austin

In prerecorded comments, Austin made it clear that he had respect for DJZ and everything he’s done in the business but made it even more clear that he would be the one on top after the match was over. This was a pretty by-the-numbers babyface promo from Austin but helped build the match while also putting over DJZ’s experience advantage.

There wasn’t a big story element to drive this match and that’s perfectly fine. Instead, Austin and DJZ displayed a keen knowledge of one another going move for move for basically the entire contest. Any advantage was fairly short-lived as the other would come right back to turn things around in an instant.

The two fought out to the floor including some action and dives over the railing and into the crowd which just made the entire match feel even more hectic and breakneck. It truly felt like there was a sense of urgency behind everything both men were doing to try to put this one away.

As DJZ charged across the ring, a waiting Austin sprang forward with a somersault neckbreaker to pick up the win and punch his ticket for Battle Riot II in New York City.

How was it? This was easily the best MLW match for both DJZ and Ace Austin. There didn’t need to be a major story point to the match or any slowdown in working over a body part. Instead, Austin and DJZ went full-speed the entire match to try to score a spot in Battle Riot.

Austin could be on the cusp of big things as his stock continues to rise. He recently made his Impact Wrestling debut and if he continues to have exciting, competitive matches like this in MLW he’ll stay on everybody’s radar.

Paging Doctor Sweglar

In a truly bizarre segment, Rich Bocchini interviewed MLW’s Doctor Sweglar to get an update on the condition of Tom Lawlor. Sweglar, responding like a massively snooty weirdo, explained to rich that the HIPAA Act prevented him from discussing confidential matters between himself and a patient.

He then went on to talk about the litany of injuries suffered by Lawlor last week including broken ribs, blood in his lungs, spinal cord swelling, and a possible subdural hematoma. So much for privacy!

Dr. Sweglar concluded that there was no way to determine when, if ever, Lawlor would return to the ring. In his words, “you never can tell with these types of things.”

How was it? This was one of the weirder things I’ve seen on an episode of Fusion. Whoever was doing the voice for Dr. Sweglar was doing it with enough ham to serve half a dozen Christmas dinners. Part of me wonders if “Doctor Sweglar” was Simon Gotch putting one on because this was about the level of ridiculous camp I could see coming from him.

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