Midnight Mania! You’ll never believe the latest Joe Rogan tattoo

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Someone else got a Joe Rogan tattoo- not the first time its happened, believe it or not- and it might be the most realistic one yet. No third eye, though.

This tattoo is done phenomenally well, but I don’t really get the idea behind getting another man’s face tattooed on your body. That’s none of my business, though, it’s a free country.

This is the artist also behind that photo-realistic Conor McGregor tattoo. Yeah, he’s pretty unbelievably good at this.


Speaking of Conor McGregor, he and his son were at the Superbowl

Angela Hill practicing to kill Bill.

Tony Ferguson’s response to this was “You’re Weird”

I am really interested in the threat Kelvin Gastelum poses with his speed and power in the pocket. He could certainly drop Bobby Knuckles.

On the other hand, Robert Whittaker is just ridiculously good at this fighting thing

This is great, especially because they already fought in real life.

When you feel like proving your dominance over the toughest billy goat around

Speaking of Derrick Lewis, Junior Dos Santos is the right kind of fight to put him in: fun, action battles with other hitters.

This is a pretty finish from Michaud

Good to know Tenshi Nasukawa is back doing his thing against guys his size

Always great to see the fruits of thousands of fighters’ sweat and blood pay off for their former boss!

This is what the sport is about

The ever-dangerous Jose Aldo

If he doesn’t get the McGregor fight, Anthony Pettis would be a great penultimate battle as Aldo winds down his career.

Who would have guessed?

Jon Jones says he’s never seen Johnny Walker fight

Of course Jon Jones identifies with his avatar, the lion, over the animal it is strangling.

UFC Fortaleza was very nearly the platonic ideal of a UFC card

Tyson Fury is a prime example of how looks can be deceiving.

They don’t allow backfists in boxing but this is the equivalent of that Conor McGregor trivela kick in Cage Warriors

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