Midnight Mania! Why is Nick Diaz still in the USADA testing pool in 2019?

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Nick Diaz is still in the USADA testing pool in 2019.

That’s kind of strange, given that Diaz the Elder spends a lot of his time around pools these days, but has historically had little use for testing pools. He hasn’t fought since 2015, a no-contest with Anderson Silva, and seemingly has little interest in fighting anyone these days, at least not unless he gets paid by the truckload. Nonetheless, he is still maintaining his eligibility.

USADA has tested Hannah Cifers and Francis Ngannou six times already this year. Adesanya has been tested five times, Jon Jones four, Khabib three times, McGregor two, Cormier and Lesnar once each.


Will Nick Diaz ever fight again?

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    Yes, sooner or later he’ll get back in there

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    No, he just wants to party

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