Midnight Mania! UFC’s Mara Romero Borella suspended until 2044 by Italian Anti-Doping Agency

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

You read that headline right. The Italian Anti-Doping Agency just made Nick Diaz’ suspension look like cream puffs in the summer. They backhanded flyweight Mara Romero Borella (12-5 overall, 1-1 in the UFC) with a staggering 26-year suspension for competing while already suspended. MMA Today had the details.

In this unique case, Borella and her boyfriend at the time, Rugby player Filippo Maserati, were charged with drug trafficking after a two-year investigation called Operation Flanker that also rounded up 31 others. They was charged with selling cannabis and cocaine at sporting events, bars, nightclubs, and Mara was charged with distributing these drugs at her gym. In 2012, it was reported, though with minimal detail, that most of the defendants had agreed to plea deals that involved 1-4 years in jail. Mara, as a professional athlete, was also hit with a suspension by the WADA-following Italian Olympic Committee for 15 years, until 2029.

As she continued competing, and also apparently used Italian sporting facilities, the Italian Anti Doping Agency has now suspended Borella for a further 15 years, commencing at the expiry of her original suspension and so running from June 2029 and running until the year 2044.

The UFC aren’t obligated to follow WADA code, and it isn’t clear what stance USADA will take on the matter. Borella is the first female Italian fighter to win a bout in the UFC.


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