Midnight Mania! Pedro Munhoz facing Nevada discipline for jumping on the cage after Garbrandt knockout

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

You thought Cody Garbrandt going hog-wild and exchanging recklessly with Pedro Munhoz was the stupidest thing about that fight? Guess again.

The UFC’s 4th-ranked bantamweight in the world, Pedro Munhoz, is facing disciplinary action from the Nevada Athletic Commission for climbing the cage after his UFC 235 starching of former champion Cody Garbrandt. NAC executive director Bob Bennett confirmed the report to MMAFighting.com:

“Our inspectors were specifically advised by me to make sure the fighters knew they were not authorized to jump out of the cage,” Bennett said.

Munhoz is currently suspended, and up for an extension of said suspension at the next NAC meeting Wednesday, pending a hearing or settlement agreement. The rule is intended to prevent injury, and Bennett was careful to stress it was put into place long before Khabib leaped out of the cage to fight Dillon Danis in the chaotic aftermath of UFC 229. It was also an issue when Justin Gaethje climbed onto the cage for a backflip (on his second attempt) after his scintillating UFC debut against Michael Johnson. It isn’t clear whether Munhoz will face a full suspension or a fine. It also isn’t clear why straddling the top of a fence is somehow a thing too dangerous to allow cage fighters to do.

Munhoz is coming off three wins in a row and has won 7 of his last 8. He is ‘in the mix’ to face Marlon Moraes for the vacant bantamweight title along with Aljamain Sterling, though flyweight champion Henry Cejudo is looking to leapfrog both of them. TJ Dillashaw left the division wide open when he vacated the title after a positive drug test.

He rightly points to his action style, sure to deliver the entertainment against Marlon Moraes.


I’m not sure who is supposed to be ‘triggered’ by this, but it is random.

Tim Duncan, like most NBA players, seems to be built to a different scale than ordinary humans.

UFC fighters could learn some trash talk tips from this man. His wife falling down was the funniest part of the clip, though.

Quick Hits

  • Andrew Richardson breaks down the karate master, Stephen Thompson, ahead of his bout with Taekwondo black belt Anthony Pettis
  • Jose Aldo has been hospitalized two months ahead of his scheduled bout with Alexander Volkanovski. If he pulls through this and beats Volkanovski, Aldo will have eliminated two rising contenders in a row while Max Holloway chases lightweight gold. It’s bizarre matchmaking, but Volkanovski clearly believes in himself.
  • Kamaru Usman explains the “Marty from Nebraska” nickname

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Who doesn’t love a good armbar?

KO outta nowhere

Somehow, Tokov survived this and came back to win against Gerald Harris

Love a good choke. It is hard to tell, but it looked to be right on the trachea. Brutal!

Reducing your opponent to rubble, one hammerfist at a time

Very tight left hook

A literal catch and pitch counter

Sometimes the shorter guy lands that big overhand… sometimes, this happens

Pulling victory from the jaws of defeat!

This KOed guy is me and the five alarms I set in the morning after sleep deprivation from writing Midnight Mania all week.

Congrats to the Filipino Sumo wrestler, Francis

Go Texas!


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