Midnight Mania! Ortiz blames Liddell for matchup: ‘He called me out’

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Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell seem to both think of their bout Saturday night in different terms than the rest of us. Whereas most people, both in the buildup and in the actual event, were awestruck by just how much age had taken its toll on Liddell, in particular, that isn’t a framework that either man seems to want to take into consideration. Liddell insisted after the bout that he just made a mistake and got caught. Ortiz, despite mocking Liddell for his ‘junk’ form on the pads beforehand, is now upset that people aren’t giving him credit for his awesome win.

How the fight even got made has been a subject after the result, with the commission defending itself- it’s just business- to Ortiz defending how the bout came together on social media. He said this was something Chuck wanted- he had been just fine, minding his own business, when Liddell called him out.

I’ve had some time to think about this fight verse @chuckliddell How it came to be? This is something that chuck wanted I was ok doing my businesses. He called me out. Yes I agree and helped make it happen with @goldenboyboxing . I took this fight very serious that’s why I put in a 18 week camp. 3x a day 6 days a week. I sacrificed everything. I was willing to put my life on the line. One year ago I had 3 level disk replacement in my neck. Plus 7 other major surgeries since 2009. But was still willing to take a chance against someone who beat me twice before. There is not quit in me. I have made mistakes and I have learned from them. That’s life! I want to fail so I can learn to better myself. I have lived my life with ups and downs but at the end of the day I keep learning. I wish more people would. Having everyone saying why are you fighting chuck again he beat you twice? 1. He called me out 2. I always wanted redemption. 3. I’m here to prove my fans were right and the haters were wrong. 4. An opportunity to start a new organization that will take care of the fighters as they should be. I showed the world what hard work and dedication can get you. I’ve never been so nervous before a fight like this one but I knew I was ready. The mind games that chuck was playing made me work harder. So thank you chuck. I was in a lose lose situation but I was willing to gamble with my health. Chuck said he was ready I knew I was ready, may the best fighter win. In this case it was me. I need to thank all my fans,friends and family that supported me for this fight. I couldn’t have done it without you! I respect chuck for stepping up and following through with the fight. You’re a champion and hall of fame legend that brought the best out of me! Sorry to all your fans I was on a mission. Thank you @moses___murrietta@parilloboxing @herdemkalash@raphaeldavis205 @scottcarrgbcm@jaysilvamma @ufcgymhuntingtonbeach@rvca you all help build me up so I could knock him down! THANK YOU!!!!

The language here- bordering on ‘he made me do it’, is telling, because it speaks to some level of understanding that Liddell’s performance reflected the amount of wear and tear his body has seen. Yet, Tito’s remaining frustration with not getting all the credit for beating an aged and decrepit Liddell, seems to center around that sense that he had been on the receiving end of trash talk beforehand, which is a remarkable stance to take.

He also clarified how often he was training leading up to this, which I personally appreciated.


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