Midnight Mania! McGregor insists KO of Aldo was a proper 12 seconds, not 13

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

After nearly four years of his fans shouting ‘13 seconds’ at every available opportunity, Conor McGregor has reviewed the tape and decided that his knockout of Jose Aldo took place 12 seconds in, not 13. He offers video proof!

McGregor was having fun with words today. Is he saying he will be back to the sport he just claimed to retire from day before yesterday? Or does he mean a return to boxing? Or does he just mean selling more whiskey?

McGregor’s insistence on rebranding his greatest knockout got some deserved backlash from the internet.


McGregor is doing some boxing training in retirement. Beyond the obvious questions raised by this photo, this also makes one wonder if he’s planning

He tried to kick this guy’s ass and instantly regretted it. That’s some Chuck Norris joke level MMA.

Vitor Belfort is presumably back on the good stuff in ONE.

It cannot be overstated how stoked I am for Justin Gaethje vs. Edson Barboza.

Moraes on Moraes violence!

The chokes and big throws are great, but these little details are cool too.

A real thing Kevin Holland did in a fight because he just doesn’t care.

Ah, that famous style of knockout where one skirts both the 12-6 elbow rule and the back-of-the-head rule.

A knockout worthy of Gaethje himself!

Imagine getting rocked, thinking you got the takedown and coming to, only to find yourself on top of the ref. Rude awakening.

Get used to seeing Silva, as he earned himself a UFC contract!

Random Land

Great, another thing to add to my impossibly long bucket list.

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