Midnight Mania! Max Holloway reveals it was his son that called the shot against Brian Ortega

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC featherweight champion Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway has turned in 13 incredible wins in a row, but it was his last that broke records. Before the 4th round of his title fight with tough-as-nails Brian Ortega, Holloway could be seen ‘calling his shot’, pointing down to indicate this was when he would finish the fight. He landed a record 134 strikes in that round, and Ortega called it quits on the stool afterwards. I highly recommend watching the entire fight again.

Only now had Holloway revealed who really called the shot: his son, affectionately known as ‘Mini Blessed’. Check it out:

Max Holloway next faces Dustin Poirier for the interim lightweight championship this Saturday at UFC 236. Poirier defeated Holloway in his UFC debut in 2012. In fact, both men have rebounded from early career losses- including to Conor McGregor- to go on impressive runs exceeding all expectations. Poirier has only lost one fight in his last 10, defeating Anthony Pettis, Justin Gaethje, and Eddie Alvarez. The UFC 236 headliner promises to be a barnburner, as neither man seems capable of being in a boring fight.


My fighting namesake, Ross Pearson, has retired

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After some long hard talks, and careful consideration with my family, friends and team, I’ve decided it’s time to retire as an MMA fighter. As hard as that is to say, it’s not the end of my career as a competitor. I’ve always been a fighter, and right now I am keeping my mind open as to what’s next for me. I’d like take this time to thank everyone at the @UFC for having me for the past 10 years @danawhite for seeing something in me and believing in me for all these years ago. To my family, my teammates, and my friends, your support has been endless and I appreciate all of you – with a special shout out to all the north east training partners & coaches who where there for me in the beginning @grapplefit to @alliancemma for taking me in as part of the family, my wife @kristiejpearson for following my dream with me and all the guys at @centralcoastmma @coach_jamie_pittman_ @centralcoastbarbell And to all my fans , thanks for all the love & support ! Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson

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Jason Knight posted this afterwards, which makes him awesome on so many levels


If Dominick Cruz had never won a world title, then came back and won it back, we would all be relentlessly making fun of how he looks when shadowboxing.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Dustin Poirier vs. Jim Miller was a fun fight, as are all Dustin Poirier fights


Sometimes it’s not the impact, it’s the fallout

Tornado kick knockouts are never not cool

You can so clearly see how one guy’s night is going amazing while the other’s guy’s night is going very badly

Random Land

I’ve seen some bad mistakes in my time, and made even worse mistakes, but this may be the worst… ever…

Sleep well, Maniacs! A better tomorrow is always possible. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook @Vorpality

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