Mexican Prospect, 24-Years-Old, Found Dead at His Home

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By Miguel Rivera

On Thursday morning, the young Mexican boxer Ivan ‘Sonrics’ Ramirez, just 24 years old and highly regarded as a future world contender by the boxing scene in Yucatan, from where he was originally from.

Ramirez’s mother found the boxer hanging in his home in the city of Merida, state of Yucatan, according to the initial reports without giving more details at the moment.

With a record of 13-1 and 5 knockouts, it was expected that Ramirez would fight next month in Suriname, where he had previously fought.


According to the specialized reporter Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, the young boxer communicated on Wednesday night with his representative, Andrew Perez, to ask about his next battle.

However, the news of his death has saddened everyone in boxing in the Yucatan peninsula. On Wednesday the boxer had talked with several of his acquaintances who did not detect any anomaly in his mood and knew that he was going to start the strong part of his training, according to the Agencia Efe.

At the moment, there is no concrete determination on whether the boxer had committed suicide or if someone had murdered him. In the last few years, there has been a high level of violence in certain areas of Mexico and numerous boxers have been killed.

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