Men’s Money in the Bank winner should come from SmackDown

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The May 14 edition of WWE SmackDown saw an action-packed Fatal 4-Way featuring the four participants in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match this coming Sunday night.

Last night’s WWE SmackDown saw half of the upcoming men’s Money in the Bank ladder match field take part in a momentum-building Fatal 4-Way that gave fans a nice preview of what to expect at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view this coming Sunday night.

Andrade, Randy Orton, Ali, and Finn Balor put forth a stellar match that could have gone either way.  It felt like any of the four could have won the match, but it ultimately went to Andrade, who has to be considered a strong favorite to win the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.  This year’s ladder match feels as wide open as it has felt in a long time, and that bodes well for the match.

Since WrestleMania 21 back in 2005, the Money in the Bank ladder match has helped launch the careers of countless superstars and in the past couple of years, it has carried over to the women’s evolution with women tearing the house down.  The next installment of the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match is just days away when SmackDown’s four and Raw’s four battle it out to win the briefcase that could change their career.

Last night’s Fatal 4-Way was a strong indicator of what’s to come, but it also helped prove that the winner of the men’s ladder match this year should come from the blue brand.  The red brand’s participants have felt a bit bland from the start, although it did improve in that aspect with Braun Strowman being replaced with Sami Zayn on Raw this week.  Even at that, Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre being in the match doesn’t feel very fresh and exciting.

Corbin is a great heel, but he just isn’t exciting to watch and McIntyre has main event potential, but even he has started to feel bland in recent memory.  Zayn could help the red brand’s case, though, and Ricochet being involved is one of the most exciting participants the match has seen in a while.  When looking at the blue brand’s participants, however, they basically all seem to have a solid place in this match.

Andrade is one of the most gifted in-ring performers the WWE has seen in a while, so seeing him potentially win the briefcase and eventually cash in to win a world title is an appealing thought.  Having Orton in the match might feel bland to some given how many times he has been in this match, but any time Orton is involved in a big match like this, it’s safe to expect some fireworks courtesy of an epic RKO or two.  That’s worth the price of admission by itself.

And then there’s Balor, who has proven just how talented and exciting he is in the ring over the past few years.  This could be the perfect way to gradually get Balor back into the main event picture by winning the briefcase, even as the current Intercontinental Champion.  Ali has made a solid impression on Tuesday nights since joining the brand earlier this year.  He is one of the most exciting and breath-taking superstars on the roster, so this match is tailor-made for him.

The winner of this match should come from the blue brand.  Think about it like this, there’s no way Corbin will be the Universal Champion on Raw.  And when looking at McIntyre, he doesn’t need the briefcase to enter the Universal Championship picture.  He could just as easily earn a title match without the briefcase.  It would probably be too early for Ricochet to win the briefcase and even giving it to Zayn would feel a bit out of place at the moment.

Outside of Orton, putting the briefcase on any of the SmackDown participants would be very enticing.  Andrade, Ali, and Balor could all greatly benefit from having the briefcase potentially as long as a full year.

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No matter how long it takes, all of those superstars could make a great WWE Champion at some point in the future given their individual talent.  The blue brand should reign supreme at Money in the Bank with the men’s ladder match winner coming from Tuesday nights.

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