Mayweather, De La Hoya Continue Feud To Close Out 2018

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2018 was filled with plenty of trash talk from active fighters.

But retired fighters, now full-time promoters – Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya – traded heated words throughout the entire year.

Mayweather and De La Hoya have had a hostile relationship since their record setting pay-per-view fight in 2007 – which Mayweather won by way of a twelve round split decision.


De La Hoya retired from boxing in 2008, while Mayweather announced his retirement in August 2017 – although there are rumors he will face Manny Pacquiao in a potential rematch in 2019.

A few days ago, De La Hoya posted a very cryptic “Christmas message” on social media.

“Happy Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who is great full and optimistic about life and positive about everything that doesn’t go your way. Life is truly beautiful if you wake up every morning believing in yourself and in others. And to the haters go f*** your self. Hoho,” De La Hoya wrote.

He later dropped a hint that his message was directed towards Mayweather.

And it didn’t take long before Mayweather responded.

“I never claim to be a rocket scientist, but in the boxing ring I’m Albert Einstein. This is the same coke head talking about running for president in 2020,” Mayweather wrote back.

De La Hoya also responded, stating that he posted his initial message with the hope that Mayweather would “take the bait” and respond.

But many fans questioned why De La Hoya would reignite his feud with Mayweather during a holiday weekend – especially since things appeared to be quiet between the two.

“Hahaha the idiot Floyd Mayweather took the bait, I intentionally misspelled to see if the dummy would respond and sure enough he did. Floyd have you apologized to all those women you hit and went to jail for? Just retire already and enjoy Golden Boy Boxing in 2019,” De La Hoya wrote.

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