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Maycee Barber continued her undefeated campaign at UFC
Nashville with a second-round TKO victory over J.J. Aldrich. Now registered at
7-0, the 20-year-old prospect is already prepared to be compared to Ronda
Rousey, who also began her career with an extended undefeated streak and altered
the entire sport for women during her run. But though the comparisons may be flattering
given Ronda’s athletic achievements, there is one specific thing that Barber
believes makes her different from Ronda Rousey:

“In a way, I guess people can look at it like, oh, she’s undefeated. She’s got the thing like Ronda did, but I’m a completely different person than Ronda, and that’s no disrespect to her,” Barber said in a media scrum following her UFC Nashville victory. “She’s a phenomenal athlete, a phenomenal fighter. She had an amazing career. But I feel like I want to take my career a little bit different. And if I ever do get a loss, which I’m going to continue to fight so that I never get one, but if I ever do, I hope that I can come back a little bit differently than she did. But we’ll see. I’m hoping not to take that loss.”

One thing that Maycee Barber and Ronda Rousey share is a propensity to finish fights. Barber has finished both of her UFC opponents and only one fight in her 7-0 career has gone the distance. But when all is said and done, if Maycee Barber’s career goes as planned, the only final comparison between herself and Ronda Rousey will include fans juxtaposing the two athletes’ careers and saying, “Maycee Barber was greater than Ronda Rousey…and everyone else.”

What do you make of Maycee
Barber’s comments regarding comparisons between herself and Ronda Rousey?

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