Martial Arts Instructor Assaults Former Student For Changing Academies

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A martial arts coach in the Brazilian city of Curitiba openly attacked one of his former students for leaving his gym, according to Tribuna and the assailant himself.

Diógenes “Kamikaze” (who has been labeled as an MMA coach, a Muay Thai coach, and a BJJ coach by different media outlets) is shown attacking the former student — named by the Tribuna as Ulisses Teodoro — outside his academy in a video. Teodoro is seen walking past Kamikaze’s gym wearing a t-shirt featuring his new academy’s logo. While it’s not known why the young man was passing in front of his old academy, some have speculated that he lives nearby and passes by the gym as a part of his daily route to work or school given that the coach seemed to be waiting for him. However, Kamikaze beckons his former student over under the guise of wanting to have a conversation, then starts striking him. He eventually puts Teodoro in a guillotine choke, then a triangle before the video ends.

Kamikaze didn’t deny that the incident happened. In fact, he filmed a video of his own to defend his actions (with his former student’s blood still on his t-shirt), calling the act of walking in front of his academy while wearing a t-shirt from another gym a “lack of respect.”

Teodoro has reportedly filed a report with the local police detailing the incident.

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