Martial Arts Comedy Starring Jesse Eisenberg Will Instantly Remind You Of Your White Belt Days

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There have been a lot of martial arts movies that have come out over the years and made punching, kicking, and grappling look so dang cool. But it looks like we may finally have one that feels relatable. In fact, maybe it’s a bit too relatable.

The preview for an upcoming comedy called The Art of Self-Defense (starring Jesse Eisenberg of The Social Network) has come out, and you may feel personally attacked just from watching the trailer. Yes, the movie is about karate, not jiu-jitsu, but those day-one white belt experiences sure seem to translate across multiple different martial arts. Check out the trailer below, and mark your calendars for June 21 of this year to see the movie yourself!

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Averi is the managing editor for the Jiu-Jitsu Times. She’s a purple belt under Andre Oliveira of Pura Vida BJJ in Costa Rica and an ambassador for Grapple Apparel. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @bjjaveri.

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