Make Becky Lynch the cover star of WWE 2K20

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As 2019 hopes to be The Man’s year, putting Becky Lynch on the cover of the next instalment of the WWE 2K series is best for business

The Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. These men have several things in common, one of which is the fact that all of them have graced the cover of a WWE 2K game.

The individual considered to be the chosen one for a particular year’s game was likely the top guy of the previous year. Brock Lesnar was the cover star of WWE 2K17 to promote his historic feud with Goldberg who featured as the game’s pre-order bonus.

WWE 2K18 cover star Seth Rollins was embroiled in a hot feud with none other than Triple H in 2017, leading to a well-received match at Wrestlemania 33 where he earned the nickname The Kingslayer. WWE 2K19 cover star AJ Styles held the WWE Championship for more than a year in 2018. You get the picture.

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So, as we’re well into 2019, who looks to be the man this year? Well, as already hinted, The Man herself, Becky Lynch is the smartest choice of WWE 2K20 cover star that WWE could possibly make as she is set to have a history-making year as the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble winner and possible (we bloody hope so) WrestleMania 35 main eventer.

Women’s Revolution in games

First of all, putting Becky Lynch on the cover of WWE 2K20 gives the ongoing Women’s Revolution another barrier to smash (and another ‘first ever’ for WWE to shove down our throats) as the WWE 2K series is yet to see a woman on its cover. But not only that, a women’s story mode has been missing from the game series for some time now, and Becky’s The Man monicker proposes the perfect story for a women’s career mode.

It’s simple. Becky is the champion you have to beat in the game as she proudly proclaims: “To be the man you gotta beat the man and I, Becky Lynch, am the man,” and so on and so forth.

Even the advertising for Becky on the cover has already been handed to us when she confronted John Cena: “In 2018 I wasn’t just aiming to overtake Charlotte on the posters and the billboards, I was aiming for you too John.”

“It’s time for someone new to step up, step in and fill your shoes and there’s only one person for that job. And I think these people would agree with me that that person is me.”

Becky literally talked about overtaking John Cena on posters, and what’s one “poster” John Cena has been on? You guessed it, WWE 2K15.

Envision this: Becky is surrounded by 2K posters of the past showcasing the men. She rips them down until there is one left, hers, revealing Becky Lynch as the 2K20 cover star. WWE can thank me later, just get it done.

What the fans want

Having a woman on the cover has been a discussion point for several years. Many thought Becky, Sasha and Charlotte were surefire for the spot following their show-stealing Wrestlemania 32 triple threat match. Ronda Rousey was also widely speculated following her debut in 2018 and is still a contender for the WWE 2K20 cover.

However, I’m sure many fans would agree that Becky has earned the spot to a greater degree. Rousey has already ticked being on the cover of a video game off her list after appearing alongside Conor McGregor on the cover of EA Sports UFC 2. Given the fact that Becky has been a constant workhorse and one of the most consistently cheered faces for the company since her main roster debut in 2015, having her on the cover as someone who has been around since the beginning and has contributed greatly to the Women’s Revolution rather than a UFC-made star would be more appreciated.

Not only that, but Becky’s accolades speak for themselves: First Smackdown Women’s Champion, first woman drafted to Smackdown, CBS Sports Wrestler of the Year (2018), CBS Sports WWE Match of the Year (2018 vs. Asuka and Charlotte, TLC), Pro Wrestling Illustrated Woman of the Year (2018), Sports Illustrated Women’s Wrestler of the Year (2018), WWE Female Superstar of the Year (2018), WWE Match of the Year (2018 vs. Charlotte, Evolution), winner of the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble, and hopefully alongside Ronda Rousey, first woman to main event Wrestlemania.

It’s hard to argue she hasn’t earned it and it’s not as if Becky’s popularity is new. She’s been a fan favourite and consistent performer for a while, the only difference now is WWE is finally listening.

Mainstream attention

WWE finally allowing Becky to capitalise on her talent has managed to attract the kind of media attention it’s been yearning for years. Becky’s gender subversive The Man demeanour made mainstream headlines around the world in publications WWE doesn’t usually appear in. Becky has managed to bring more gender equality than ever to WWE (has anyone else noticed the increased presence of mixed matches lately?) and having her grace the cover of WWE 2K20 will increase that kind of mainstream exposure.

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Give me one good reason why Becky Lynch shouldn’t be WWE 2K’s next cover star. If WWE truly believes in legitimising its women, the Women’s Revolution and what’s best for business, it would make this happen.

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