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Mackenzie Dern Has A New Goal


Mackenzie Dern has become a household name in the BJJ community.

She’s amassed a stunning number of impressive victories in high level competition, and has already built and maintained a legacy as one of the greatest BJJ competitors of all time. Dern has claimed titles in all of the most prestigious grappling arenas in the sport including IBJJF and ADCC, and continues to remain a competitive force in the combat sports circle.

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Dern has since begun to shift her focus to a budding an MMA career and has been very successful thus far, boasting an undefeated record, including 2 victories in the UFC. Dern was planning to return to the octagon in March, but received the happy news that her next endeavor wouldn’t take place inside of a cage, as she announced she would be expecting her first child. Dern shared the news with the world on February 22nd via Instagram sounding very excited and grateful about her future as a mother, and her excitement regarding a return to competitive fighting.

In an interview with MMA Fighting Dern explains she’d like to be back in the octagon by October! That would make for a quick return, but Dern will no doubt be itching to get back into the competitive arena after her break. Dern has now set her sights on a new goal, to become the first female in the UFC to claim the belt after having a child. A feat that has never been accomplished in the UFC.

Dern and her husband, professional surfer, Wesley Santos, are expecting the new addition to their family in May.

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