Lucha Underground’s Ultima Lucha Cuatro, Part 1 Preview and Predictions

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Tonight is the night. The culmination of season four begins with Part One of Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Three bouts are on the slate; a bride out for revenge, a Trios Championship tilt, and mask vs mask. Get ready for the action as it airs tonight at 8pm ET on El Rey Network.

If you missed last week’s show, catch up with the recap and reactions and a snazzy summary video from the Lucha Underground YouTube channel. Also, get in the mood with a Dario Cueto GIF tribute.

Let’s run down the card for Part One, tonight.

Mask vs Mask: Killshot vs Son of Havoc

The quick story of this feud begins at Aztec Warfare 4. Dante Fox was missing in action, so Antonio Cueto decided to randomly choose a new partner for the then Trios champs Killshot and Mack. Son of Havoc had the luck of the draw, but Killshot always resented him for it.

The team finally imploded during their title loss to the Reptile Tribe. Killshot cost his team and then had no reason not to go full jerk on Havoc. They tussled a bit in the future. Havoc accidentally removed Killshot’s mask. Killshot did the same on purpose.

It doesn’t take a genius promoter to figure out the next move. A mask vs mask stipulation it is.

I like that Lucha Underground has a genuine mask vs mask feud. The only prior attempt was Sexy Star versus Super Fly, but that was predictable since Super Fly had previously lost his mask in Mexico. For tonight’s main event, I have no clue who will win. That is part of what makes it so interesting.

Prediction: Son of Havoc loses his mask. It is a tough choice. Neither luchador has a positive or negative reason in regard to losing their mask. Both of them would be just fine in either scenario.

I’m picking Havoc, because he has less mystery about him. Killshot is supposedly a soldier for hire in the offseason, so the mask would come in handy. Havoc can still ride his bike on the open road without a mask. Maybe Ivelisse will see Havoc’s face for the first time, and they will finally get back together.

Trios Championship: Reptile Tribe vs Rabbit Tribe vs Ivelisse, XO Lishus, & Sammy Guevara

This will be a three-way elimination bout. The defending champion Reptile Tribe consists of Daga, Jeremiah Snake (fka Jeremiah Crane), and Kobra Moon, who has improved tremendously since season three. The Rabbit Tribe is Paul London, El Bunny, and the White Rabbit (aka Killer Kross). The third team needed a replacement for Joey Ryan after he was goozled to the emergency room by the White Rabbit.

I’m crossing my fingers that a fourth team shows up. Famous B mentioned his clients Texano and Dr. Wagner Jr. Those three could be an addition to teach Sammy Guevara a lesson about leaving Infamous Incorporated.

Prediction: The Rabbit Tribe will become new Trios champions. I don’t see any of their opponents being able to match the power of the White Rabbit. I suppose Paul London or El Bunny could be pinned, but the White Rabbit seems too in control to allow that to happen.

Also, someone will be getting the white glove treatment tonight. I predict XO Lishus. He can recuperate next to Joey Ryan and love may bloom over sponge baths.

Taya Mundo vs Ricky Mundo

If this will be your first time watching Lucha Underground, Taya and Ricky are not related. Taya took Johnny Mundo’s surname through marriage. Ricky legally changed his last name to garner praise from his idol, Johnny. The desired reaction did not occur.

As to the story behind the match, Ricky was tired of being treated like the chump that he is. With the urging of Rosa the talking doll, Ricky decided to release Matanza to ruin the most magnificent day in wrestling history. The Mundo wedding was crashed, figuratively and literally.

Now, Ricky is out to eliminate the negative influence in Johnny’s life, his wife Taya. When I say negative influence, I mean that Ricky believes Taya is the reason Johnny clowns him.

Prediction: Taya is going to wreck Ricky. Bruised, battered, and bloodied. Belittled and beaten to be a broken shell of a man. I expect Taya to go berserk. I think this match has potential to be the most memorable of Ultima Lucha Cuatro. She could hurt him so bad that it enters territory we’ve never seen before. That’s what happens when you ruin a bride’s wedding.

Enjoy the show tonight at 8pm ET on El Rey Network. Who are you predicting for victory? How many people will end up on a stretcher? With match of the three will steal Part One?

El Rey is available via the cable and satellite providers list on their webpage here. If one of those is your hook-up and you can’t find the channel on your box, reach out to them and ask for it. If you don’t see your provider listed or you’ve cut the cord, you can order the episodes on iTunes here and on Amazon here. Seasons one and two are available on Netflix here.

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for these pre-taped broadcast, but many Cagesiders don’t partake. If you are going to post or discuss spoilers for this show before they happen, or results of future shows, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.

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