Lucha Underground Roundup: Mil Muertes/AEW, Mundo proverb, Contracts

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In the Lucha Underground off-season, sometimes bits and pieces of information pop up. So, let’s go through some old and new items in the Lucha Underground Roundup. This week is mostly new.

Contract chicanery

If you missed the biggest Lucha Underground news of the week, King Cuerno (aka Hijo del Fantasma) is part of a lawsuit filed against Lucha Underground over their restrictive contracts.

I don’t have a clue what to make of it. Plenty of other Lucha Underground wrestlers are appearing in different promotions, while others are locked down to the ground. Even more confusing is that AAA is part of the ownership pie for the show. You would think that the lawsuit could cause waves in AAA, but Fantasma is a main event staple in Mexico. Go figure.

I’m curious who exactly is in charge of these contracts. Whenever I hear producers Chris DeJoseph and Eric Van Wagenen on podcasts, they seem like cool dudes who are in favor of the talent maximizing their value. It doesn’t add up. Is Dario Cueto partially based on a real life shadowy figure in the contract office?

As for season five of Lucha Underground, the talent remains in the dark.

Kobra Moon (aka Thunder Rosa) addressed her Thunder Brosas about if there are any updates. “Bro, no.” So, there you go. Make of it what you will.

Is Cody Rhodes replacing Catrina?

Mil Muertes and Catrina had been a power couple in Lucha Underground until Catrina met her demise via Mil’s hand, or lack thereof. Perhaps it was a movie career that called Catrina to her grave.

Believers have been curious about who could replace Catrina as the chief of the Man of 1,000 Deaths. Could this photo be our answer?

Most likely not, but it is fun to think about how Cody Rhodes would fit in the Temple as the master of Mil Muertes.

This is actually just a non-LU photo of Mil Muertes (aka Ricky Banderas) posing with Cody Rhodes. With all the big signings by All Elite Wrestling as of late, any photo with Sr. Rhodes is bound to bring up speculation. As a major mark for Mil, signing Banderas would definitely get my attention toward AEW.

My preference would be that Banderas wrestles more in the vein of Mil Muertes. If you haven’t seen them separately, there is a noticeable difference. Banderas is a big man luchador. Mil is a powerhouse supreme. If AEW needs a resident monster, Mil Banderas could easily fill that role.

Would you like to see Ricky Banderas in AEW? Or Mil Muertes? How would you book Ricky Banderas in AEW?

Silly Tweets

There’s no real story to any of the following tweets, but they should be good for a chuckle or send the mind into fantasy desires for the Lucha Underground world.

Let’s starts with a proverb from Johnny Mundo.

“I think, therefore I slam.” Profound. However, I think I prefer these wise words of wisdom.

“No time for pants.” In fact, that may be an appropriate follow up to the first proverb if using a slang definition for slam. Side note: Oh, wow. I had no clue slam was now being used as a drug reference.

Join Killer Kross (aka The White Rabbit) at the breakfast table.

The thing about Kross is that I can never tell what is real with him. That photo is probably not genuine, but, at the same time, I wouldn’t doubt it being his actual breakfast. Do rabbits eat bacon?

Check out Texano in a cardio mask.

The mask looks like a contraption the Batman villain Bane would use. That might be just the sort of gimmick tweak Texano could use in Lucha Underground for season five. Imagine the possibilities.

We’ll close the tweet section with Cage out-machining the Terminator.

Cage on Twitter

Would you take Cage or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator in a fight? If you chose Cage, does that mean he can also beat up HHH? Book it for Wrestlemania and let’s find out.

Inside the Ring with Kobra Moon

Kobra Moon was in the hot seat for the continuing Inside the Ring series. Keep in mind that this was filmed before events of season four.

Nothing jumped out at me as Kobra Moon discussed Pindar, Daga, Drago, Johnny Mundo, but it was still worth watching. Be careful of the Reptile Tribe queen’s final warning.

“Your queen, Kobra Moon, is ordering you to like, subscribe if you want more content of Lucha Underground. If you don’t, well, you know what kind of destiny you’ll have.”

Lucha Underground

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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