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Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa Meets Leandro Lo In Absolute Finals


Black Belt Titans Collide at Pans

Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa will meet Leandro Lo in the Absolute Finals of the 2019 IBJJF Pan American Championships. 

Leandro Lo looks to make this his third consecutive Pans where he wins both his weight and the Absolute division, while Barbosa looks to add his first Pans Absolute gold to his resume.

Leandro’s road to the final match in the Absolute Division saw him defeat Devhonte Johnson by points 2 to 0. 

In his next match he defeated Rudson Mateus by Referee’s Decision.  And in the Semi Final round, Lo defeated Gustavo Batista by points 2 to 0.

Lucas Barbosa earned two submissions on his way to the final round with an arm triangle over Chad Hardy, followed by a arm in ezekiel choke against Fellipe Andrew. 

In his semi-finals match, Hulk defeated Gutumberg Pereira by an advantage.

Who do you think will take this epic match up of these black belts?

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