Love the finish or not, what matters is Becky won

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The first ever women’s main event at WWE WrestleMania 35 has ended in controversy, but only one thing matters: Becky Lynch was the winner.

WWE WrestleMania 35 delivered us the first ever women’s main event and the bigger talking point coming out of the match is the finish. The finish saw Becky Lynch reverse a Piper’s Pit from Ronda Rousey into a Crucifix Pin roll-up. It looked like Ronda got her shoulder up, but for some reason, the referee still counted three. Truth be told, Becky looked just as shocked at her win as Ronda was at her loss. Almost as if that wasn’t how the finish was supposed to go down.

Fans are already calling this The New Jersey Screwjob. Some are reporting that the finish didn’t go as planned. Word on the street is that while Becky was supposed to win, the match was supposed to go on another five or so minutes until Becky tapped out Charlotte Flair, not pin Ronda. A lot of fans are coming out of the match disappointed. I put myself among that latter boat of fans, initially at least.

Like many fans, I came out of the match bummed out for the ending. I just wanted a clean finish. A clean tap out or a clean pin, not a scrappy skin-of-your-teeth victory roll buried in controversy. My mind was clouded with questions of who was supposed to win and who was supposed to lose and what was supposed to happen and what wasn’t supposed to happen. In my already exhausted state following 7 1/2 hours of wrestling, the finish just made me tired and sad.

Then, suddenly, an epiphany-lite thought sprung to mind: Who cares?

The fact of the matter is is that there are far more pressing matters at hand that should be discussed right now. We should be talking about how we just saw the very first all women’s main event at the Grand Daddy of Them All. We saw three of the best female athletes that WWE has to offer absolutely kill it for 20+ minutes. We saw three women tear the roof off the joint. Well, Met Life is an outdoor stadium so there wasn’t a roof on the joint, BUT the ladies would’ve blown it off had there been a roof!

Most importantly, we saw Becky Lynch win the match, winning both the SmackDown and Raw Women’s Titles in the process. Something we thought months ago wasn’t going to happen. Months ago, there was a chance she wasn’t going to be in the main event of WrestleMania. Hell, last year, she was on the Pre Show and a lot of us were certain she wouldn’t see the main event of any show ever again. Now, The Man is a double champion.

Messy finish aside, whether you love it or hate it, focusing on the semantics of it completely dampens the impact that this match has as a whole. 50 years from now – maybe even five months from now – nobody is going to look back at this match debating how the match was really supposed to end. Critics, scholars and fans are going to look back at this match fondly as the first of MANY women’s main events in the history of WrestleMania. Folks are going to be praising this match as a landmark for women’s wrestling and paving the way for more women’s main events.

Putting so much time into thinking about the main event’s ending is only gonna wrack your brain, trust me. So starting now, let’s focus on the important matters at hand, shall we? I’ll start.

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Congratulations to Becky Lynch on becoming the first ever female WrestleMania main event winner and for becoming the first women’s double champion. Kudos to Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey for showcasing the best of their abilities. All three women gave spectacular performances and we all can’t wait to see where their paths take them in the near future.

Ah, see, that was refreshing! Looking at the positivity feels so, well, positive! Let’s try it more often.

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